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    Question about link rules.

    I write a post on my personal, thoroughly non-commercial, blog about cycling parts and I am looking for feedback from the community. I do not want to simply copy-paste the whole thing here, because it is rather long and has a few tables and charts. On the other hand, I do not want to get banned for putting up a post with a link and violating the "driving traffic" rule.

    Since I pay to host the site and do not get paid for traffic, any page views come out of my pocket, not into it. That said, I am honestly interested in what other, more experienced cyclists and mechanics have to say. What should I do?


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    As a premium member, you would be entitled to place a noncommercial link in your signature to a site you own. You can upgrade at or wait to try winning one of my fairly frequent giveaway contests for premium membership in Foo. Free level members cannot sig link to their sites, whereas premium can, as long as they aren't online storefronts.
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