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    ADMINS, please help with restoring my full posting capability on BF

    I used to be a registered member here, under the user name IK_biker.

    Took a hiatus from the forum from early 2012 to late 2014.
    Upon return, I noticed that while reading a thread, I had only the "reply with a quote" button available, and not the "reply" button.
    I also noticed that the "Post new thread" button has disappeared for me in all forums.
    When attempting to reply to a thread, and after hitting the "reply with a quote" button, I was consistently presented with the message below.


    I was unable to send private messages to anyone either.

    I have tried, numerous times, with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, cookies cleaned up, pop-ups allowed or disallowed, etc. - from different computers running Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and consistently got the same results.

    I made 2 or 3 attempts to contact the site admins by using the "contact us" link, explained my situation in a message, and sent the message, however I am yet to receive any response, which tells me that I have either become a "persona non grata" for the site administrators - or, more likely, that my messages to them went into the cyber-abyss.

    This chain of events forced me to recently re-register as a new user, under whose credentials I am posting this outcry for help.

    I want to be able to post here, folks. And I do have a history of posting here under my original user name, and would prefer that the associated profile gets cleaned up from whatever is hampering it, and I get my previous privileges fully restored.

    Would you, pretty please?!

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    I've kicked this upstairs and hopefully someone above my pay grade will lay eyes on it soon.
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