Hi everyone I normally hang out in the folding bike section, however I have decided to expand my horizons. Let me share a few things about myself:

1. I design/import the Downtube folding bikes direct from China.
2. I am a math professor ( I have taught almost every theoretical math course ) and an excellent problem solver ( theoretical problems )
3. I was a serious chess player ( 2 time Bahamas national champion ) and I will get back into chess in the next year or two.
4. I am a certified yogi and I am a certified energy healer.

I am looking to educate myself on frame building. I was thinking about taking a course, but I already have too many frames at home. I do not want another frame! Hence I am looking to hang out with someone over the phone/email occasionally to answer questions. I would also like to visit their workshop sometime.

I would be happy for pay for the services or better I would prefer to swap services ( math/chess/healing for frame building guidance ). Anyone interested? If so send me a PM or email.