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    Building a Custom Ti Frame, Need Help with Dimensions

    I'm getting a custom bike built using the same factory that my bike shop uses, but going directly through the factory for a 70% discount. I lose out on the support in the frame building process but thats why I'm here and the discount is worth it to me.

    For reference, I'm 6'5 215lbs and want this bike to have a somewhat relaxed geo. I'm planning on using this bike on my daily commute but also to train for a marathon.

    For details on the bike please go to this link: Walty Titanium - Album on Imgur or see attached.

    My questions follow:

    1) Geo: do these look like correct measurements given my stature? The effective top tube is 58cm, is this too small? I'm basing the proportions off of a Vamoots in size 62.

    2) I can't find measurements for the blank portions, can anyone give me a headsup as to what this is called or provide an estimate on what might work with this bike?

    3) Tubes: I'm using 31.8mm diameter, 0.9mm double butted tubes for the top and seat tube, but going with 40mm 1.2mm downtubes. I want a stiff ride, but is this overkill? Should I just go with 0.9mm and keep 40mm diameter? Should I consider going 0.9mm/40mm for all tubes?

    4) Brakes: Going with disc brakes, is top tube and chainstay routing okay?

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could look over this and let me know if I'm way off course or somewhat okay in terms of what I'm doing.
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    I think the reluctance to comment is that you haven't provided any information about yourself other than your height and weight. Without your body proportions it's difficult to say whether the top tube length is too short or not, and whether other dimensions are suitable.

    If you're going to have a custom frame built, you really owe it to yourself to get a professional fitting by an experienced fitter.
    - Stan
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