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    Thanks Marty for the heads-up about this new forum. I think it will be a cool edition and I look forward to contributing in my usual smarmy, sarcastic yet helpful Gen-X manner.

    Okay, so now for a little background on Thylacine Cycles....

    Thylacine Cycles is a bit different to your average custom bike company. Rather than coming from a fabrication background, I'm actually an Industrial Designer with close to 20 years experience in the bike industry. Like many bike nuts, I cut my teeth as a Wrench working in the LBS in the late 80's, went to University, go my degree, and went from building bikes to designing them. My 'big break' came in 1994 when Tioga signed me on as a contract designer and I started working on products and graphics mainly for the European and South-East Asian markets.
    In 2001 I went to Interbike for the first time and was pretty dismayed at what the Australian bike industry was once you stripped back all the BS - a bunch of wholesalers selling other peoples stuff. In a completely stupid move over a glass or 4 of Sam Adams and a burrito, I deceided to start my own bike company. In an equally stupid move, I decided that even though I had no capital and no game-plan, the very first Thylacine I'd do would possibly be the most complex and freaky full suspension bike ever made in Australia.

    Thankfully the beer wore off and I made the move to designing and selling something a lot more achievable and sustainable - custom road and mountain bikes.

    Company - Thylacine Cycles
    Established - 2002
    Owner, floorsweeper - Warwick Gresswell
    Qualifications - BTech (Industrial Design)
    Honour Roll - Huh? Well, I sponsor one local A Grade mountainbike honch, and that's it. If you're into idol worship, ride whatever Lance gets given
    Clients/Brands - Local - Bikecorp, Shogun, The Freedom Machine, Monash University, Pushi, Gear (formerly Headgear Helmets ), Groupe Sportif, many other local shops and wholesalers.
    Clients/Brands - International - Tioga, Schwinn Japan, LP Composites
    More importantly, Bikeforums Clients - Will Karstens (Yellow 'JustOneFix Fixie), Jeff "Stickerguy" Kao (Baby Blue S&S Coupled Light Tourer)
    Website -

    Thanks for getting this far everyone! Reply to this thread or PM me if you have any specific questions, and I look forward to adding this section of Bikeforums to my morning coffee "I wonder what happened while I was asleep" regimen.
    Have you earned your stripes? <<click here / Questions about custom frames? Chat me! - warwickg71 (AIM/iChat) ThylacineCycles (Skype)

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    Go Tiger!

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