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    Kewl Framebuilding Video...

    see the first post in the below thread and click through the link there.

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    I posted this file on my box. You should be able to get it via Gnutella (Limewire).
    I'll leave it running during the day and between 11pm and 4am (EDT) as well.

    The file name is:

    LEVEL Matsuda Jitensha.rm

    I just tested it and Limewire found it in two seconds using:


    as a keyword.

    If someone really wants it, it's on our web site as well. Ping me and I'll give you a URL. It's about 109MB so only the seriously obsequious need apply. Kogswell owners and those who wish to host it on Gnutella get first krack.

    I'll ask around to see if somone wants to translate it.
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