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    advice on tubes, lugs, and dropouts

    For 20 years I have been fixing, riding, competing, cuting, welding, commuting and assembling bicycles, but I had never built my won bicycle frame. I would like to build the frames of the bicycles I will ride and I want to start by a lugged mountain bicycle. I am a small and light fellow, 1.63 m height, 54 kg weight and my aim is a light frame for a hardtail mountain bicycle less than 10 kg. Therefore, I am here to ask your help on what pipes, lugs and dropouts should I buy for my first project, as well what company should I order these components.


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    U are quite a light guy... since im not builder.. i want to built my 1st bike thou... well the guys from novacycles have a set very cheap... it will be your 1st bike right? so why spend a lot of money in tubes then? I think u see my point... if something hapend... u know...

    Well here is the link...

    68 bucks! isnt bad.. a set of lugs price?.. well it depends because it could be even expensier than the tube set u know... but well 68 bucks, regular steel diameters, nothing fancy bot the brand isnt bad... call the guys they are really helpfull and know their bussiness... i just talked to a girl from there a few days ago and darnn she knows a lot...!...

    I would recomend Columbus or Reynolds... but well... get a tubeset for less than 70 bucks its hard.. mayme ebay u know.. thats remembers me.. there is a guy from canada selling a tubeset complete at ebay (ORIA brand.. arent bad btw)... even the fork blades are there but with track drops... U would take a look to that tubeset too... then after finishng the frame u can get a super duper columbus or reynolds... BTW... years ago tubes use to come with lugs and fork blades... not anymore this days.. sad..

    good luck

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