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    Can I use an old head badge with newish frame?

    Is it possible to put a classic head badge on a newish road bike?

    My idea is to take this frame...

    And use one of these head badges...

    And also, who would I go to to do this?? Who do I look up in the phone book?

    Thanks for the help!!

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    The old style badges are generally designed to be riveted on, but they can be attached by any number of means.

    A lot also depends on how that Fuji badge is attached to the head tube. If its riveted on then you need to be sure that the new badge will cover the old rivet holes otherwise its just going to look messy.

    With that said to do it right, you would need to find someone who could drill your headtube to match the hole pattern of the badge and then find someone who could attach the new badge with rivets/screws. I would think long and hard about this as its going to be more expensive than you'd wish.

    Failing that, there are a number of ways of 'faking' it by using caulk, some types of double sided tape etc.
    For ideas see:
    How do I reattach a headbadge?
    Re-attaching Headbadge
    so, ghetto headbadge

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