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    Toruing tubes and parts

    What would folks recomend for a heavy weight touring frame for road conditions? Basically big rider, big gear. I already have a light tube touring bike for unsupported touring in civilized areas where one can pick up water and food at towns along the way, I want to build a more rugged touring bike for cirucmstances where the road conditons might be a little worse, but still blacktop or rail trails mostly, where food needs to be sourced for several day gaps, and replacement parts are pretty much 26".

    One basic problem I have is I can't find any touring specific drop-outs yet, most don't have multiple rack attachment points. I could probably make something when I get my mill back. In fact I would prefer something that had flat plate and several holes rather than those rather suspect looking loops. See attached picture. It is hard to believe one could break cold roled in this application, but I suppose I could find a little bit of 4130. The pictured part looks like it could be made with a drill press and hacksaw.

    I want to go tandem strength, possibly. Something like the Thron tubes 1.1/.9/1.1 tandem chainstay and forks.

    I need parts I can TIG together, though I might use the odd lugged part if it helped, maybe the fork crown or the dropouts, if I can buy them.

    If anyone has done this, can you please help with the parts list.
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