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    Opening up the chainstays-bigger tire?

    I'm considering trying to open up my chainstays a bit-a tiny bit-to get a bit more clearance.Where they are creased-dented to accept the front of the tire they need to be dented in maybe 1/2mm more.I have a 42mm 700 c tire on the bike.It is a DB Champion tubed bike-1977 vintage.
    How can I press the stays in a tiny bit?There really isn't much room to work in that tiny space.
    How likely is the stay to fail if I modify it like this?Thanks.Charlie
    PS It occurred to that I might be able to jam a tool in there-something flat on the tire side,but sort of wedged shaped on the other-and use the tire pressure to press a little little modification.I don't know if I can get enough force on the chainstay-it is strong tough metal.-.

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    Give this some thought.
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