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    Help ID'ing a french frame

    Posted this in C&V and SSFG to no avail so thought I'd try here:

    I bought off eBay what was decaled as an 80's Columbus SL tubed frame (& complete bike) - but when it arrived I could see that was not the case. This frame has had some post-production work done to it, so I can't be sure what is original, but after blasting this is what I do know. The fork was also not original. French sized tubing, with at least the main triangle Reynolds 531DB. French threaded bottom bracket that has been rethreaded Italian. Plain Nervex (Ref 32) lugs. Simplex drops w/ no eyelets, a derailleur hanger was brazed on at some point. Made for 700c wheels, not 27in. Frame geometry: ST 58cm c-c (59.5 c-t). TT 58cm c-c. HT 160mm. Chain stay 42cm c-c. Angles as best I can measure ST 73o, HT 74o. The rear spacing was ~123mm, I suspect it was 120mm originally and had the 126mm spaced wheel put in later. Braze-on for derailleur clamp is a cut-off circle shape on the underside of the down tube. Rear brake bridge is for recessed nut mounting. Bottom bracket has 2 6mm holes drilled in it, with a top mounted Campy rear derailleur cable braze-on, and an under BB mounted front derailleur cable braze-on. The BB underside has a serial number 1059 engraved, as well as a T on the drive side, and a J on the non-drive (could be a U partially covered by cable b/o. Other braze-ons that may have been added later include a rear derailleur cable guide on the chainstay, 2 sets of water bottle braze-ons, and top tube cable guides. The braze-on I'm not familiar with is on the back of the head tube, possibly for a pump or a racer number - it's flat, wide, sticks straight out, and has a 6mm hole in it. It also had a headbadge at one time, 2 holes (now brazed closed) that are spaced about 45mm apart vertically. The mixed bag of components on the bike date it (possibly) to about 1980. Some pics of some of the identifying characteristics
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