I am the owner of (what I believe to be) a 1979 Raleigh Super Course. The frame is showing it's age somewhat in the usual places and some very light rust 'pock marks' uniformly over the frame.

The components are not original - 1970's Campag Record 52/44 crank set / bottom bracket / Rear Mech / headset. Universal side pull calipers / Milvano pedals and a pair of Modern Mavic rims built on to Shimano 105 Hubs. I have also converted to flat bars with new Shimano levers for city riding.

Baisically it is a mix and match of components from the past 30 years, all in great condition and lovely to ride with.

It needs a respray - and the question I can not answer is whether to go 'authentic' with the frame and forks - i.e. find transfers/decals and match the red of the frame. Is is worth it considering the mismatch of components I have or should I give it a colour scheme I like and enjoy? What are your thoughts on this??