This is a question I would like to pose to those knowledgeable of super vitus 980 and the Peugeot PSV frame produced in 1983. I had one of these frames and it sported a decal stating "Brase A La Main" (hand brased) and another frame (same model & same year)---in a slightly larger size, that did not have this decal. Which leads me to wonder---provided the decal was not removed by someone over the course of the bikes lifetime, did Peugeot have some kind of methodology / process in
assigning this status---even within the same model, during the same
year (in this case 1983)?

Were some more "hand made" than others? Was it a question brass brasing on some vs silver brasing on others, ect? I also read somewhere that this type of tubing had to be brased a certain way due to its properties. Any light you could shed on this would be appreciated.