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Thread: Which Fork?

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    Which Fork?


    I am outfitting a Holland Exogrid frame (not completed yet) and Holland suggested the Reynolds UL fork, but I have just learned that a custom fork might be the best. I am 5'51/2" and 138 lbs....looking for comfort (am a massage therapist) but want a rocketship to climb and one of my main goals is to get faster so I can stay with my super cyclists friends longer on centuries and rides.

    Any suggestions on carbon fork custom builders or otherwise? IS the Reynolds my best choice?

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    Custom fork = steel, which is out of character with the Holand frame in my opinion.

    I'd go with the Reynolds. Ozuo Pro is the yardstick other carbon forks are compared against in my mind. I'm not familar with the UL but based on Reynolds track record, it seems like a solid bet.
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