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    energy dissipation, hysteresis curve?

    "microstrain as the area of the hysteresis curve"

    "energy dissipation"...

    These terms came up in an article about the steels used in bike frames, but it didn't explain them. Does anyone know more about what they mean, and how they affect frame quality and ride quality?

    The article also mentioned that the various different steels felt different -- both as unassembled tubing (perhaps some rang like a bell, others were more energy- or vibration-absorbing, etc.?), and as finished bikes whose ride qualities were affected.

    "The ride of steel" is often heard; but the different rides of different steels not so often.

    Tubing diameter and wall thicknesses are often mentioned, but the effects due to different steels not so much.

    Does anyone know more about these things?

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    Hysteresis refers to the energy consumed by a material generally as it is stretched within its elastic limit and then allowed to contract. For a frame material its an indication of dampening capacity.The higher the hysteresis, the more it will dampen vibration but too much will give a frame a "Dead" feel.


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