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    Reynolds seamless 6/4 titanium?

    Does anyone know about this material? Does it have any disadvantages over high quality 3/2.5?

    Also, on this website

    there is some information, including this information about Reynolds 953: "High tensile/impact strength and fracture toughness...."

    I wonder how the Reynolds 6/4 titanium tubing compares in this regard.

    (Someone once told me that titanium does not do as well as some steels when it comes to sharp impacts -- that problem areas can develop in the titanium (crack propagation?). I didn't get details, and don't know if that fellow really knew; but it would be interesting to find out more about this.)

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    1 disadvantage: it's more expensive
    1 advantage: it's a lighter tubeset
    1 disadvantage: lighter tubeset means it's drawn thinner, to me, that's not good, but if it's not being ridden by a 250 lb. guy in a CX race, it shouldn't be a problem, right?

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