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    What to look at in a Frame

    All -

    I might be looking at a lugged Columbus SL frame this weekend - apparently a guy in my neck of the woods used to do some framebuilding & he's selling one of them, a road frame. It is quite cheap, less than $100, and might even been in my approximate size. What are some different things I should look for that might indicate potential problems with the frame? Any suggestions?

    And, Columbus SL is the a second tier/second best steel, isn't it?

    Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.


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    In the old days I think SL was top of the line.
    Check all the contact points for damage.
    BB threads in good shape ?
    Head tube undamaged where the headset goes in ?
    Steering tube threads good ?

    It's a bit hard to check alighnment, but you can do the string test I guess.
    Do wheels fit in nicely ?
    Rust inside or out ?
    Cracks around any joints ?

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    check for rust

    get a long wood stick, put a rag or towel on the end and shove it down to the end of the seat tube and twist. Pull it out and check for rust debri.

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