The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) and Unitus Community Credit Union are working together to create the first ever Bike Loan program. Just like an auto loan, the Bike Loan would allow individuals to secure a low interest loan for the purchase of a bicycle instead of having to resort to credit cards that could have them paying 15% or more in interest! I thought this would be of interest to frame builders as a way to remove one more barrier owning a hand built bike.

What we would like from you are letters of support. Just a little something from you telling Unitus that this is a good idea. You can send your letters to Unitus at:
Tracy Streebel
Planning and Business Development
Business Development Officer
Unitus Community Credit Union
1300 SW 6th Ave, Suite 514 (5th Floor)
Portland, OR 97201

OR if you have further questions or comments contact Angela Koch at: