I need some help.

My 45 degree bearingseats of my headset is not flat anymore.
I can press the cartridge bearings up and down with my fngers so is my conclusion correct to assume it needs a refacing.

Now does anybody know someone who has this tool (must be EU) AND have the skill in handling this tricky job.

On my bearings it has the following info.

41.8 x 30.5
45 x 45 degree

The headset is a IS system and the bearings run straight in the head of the steel frame.

Also if anybody has a good alternative besides buying a new frrame than share this with me.

One tip i got was to glue the bearings in.
Anybody got some experiences with that.
It sounds like a good option next to the facing.

To finish i didn't know how bad this IS system was when i ordered my new steelframe, but the excuse is that i'm kinda new to this game AND the builder should have done the job right in the firstplace.

Also going back to the builder is no option for several reasons believe me so is the shop that sold this frame to me, so don't go into this further please.