Ok here is my situation, I recently purchased a road frame main triangle is aluminum and rear triangle is carbon, so I start building it up and I bought a Cane Creek S-8 headset and when I received the headset I realized the headtube is set up for an integrated headset. Here is my dilemma I have been doing some research online and found that most people don't like the integrated design cause the bearings drop right into the headtube with no outer cup to support some of the stress, some people I know say buy 2 cheap cane creek is-2 and keep the spare set of bearing in your seat bag cause the headset will fail... I'm like WTF , so I start to do some research on what would be a good design that is more durable then the standard and stumble across campy's Hiddenset with loose ball bearings and cup and cones that drop into the frame. sounds more durable than the standard? to me it does. so my question to you frame builders is would it be worth it to have my headtube reamed for a campy Hiddenset or stay with the 40mm standard? all advice will help thanks.