I'm toying with starting to build my own frames (I worked at a frame shop in high school), and I'm starting to assemble tools and parts. It appears that I can fiddle with frame building with minimal jigs and fixtures (I've got a modest machine shop), but the one ting I can't fake is the frame prep tools.

I need the usual bottom bracket facing and tapping tools, along with head tube facing and fork facing and threading. I'll probably also need a seat tube reamer. I've been toying with buying some cyclus and cobra tools from ceeway, but they look a bit wimpy. Does anybody have some old frame prep tools they want to sell? I'd also consider a complete toolkit if the deal was interesting.

Anybody have any comments on he inexpensive cyclus and cobra tools for frame prep?

I would think that some of these tools would be floating around from bike shops that have gone belly up...