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    Bent Head Tube - Can it be Fixed?

    I have a nice (to me) old circa 1982 Univega frame, lugged steel and made in Japan (chrome molybdebnium, double butted). I stripped it down to bare metal and was preparing it for painting when I dropped it on concrete.

    Now the lower front edge of the headtube is bent inward slightly. About 1/5 of the entire opening is bent in. I spoke with a machinist who, after inspecting the frame, said he can fix it -- he just needs to measure the diameter of the headset in order to press the opening of the headtube back to a round shape.

    My question: Do you think this will work and will the frame still be good? If so, is there anything I should look for or convey to the machinist before he starts the work?

    Thank you!
    Go Hard

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    It's a pretty simple fix and should give no trouble.


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