I am in the process of building a pretty small track frame for a customer and I just wanted to get some of your opinions. She said that it was for track use only, so I made the fit and geometry to fit her intended use thinking that she would just have to deal with the toe overlap because of her size. She wanted to stick with 700c wheels and I know that some companies go down to 650s on their smaller sizes so I am wondering if her toe overlap will just be too extreme.

basic geo
ST 50c-c
TT 49c-c
fork rake 36mm

Based on her geo, she could have used an even shorter tt but based on her current setup, I didn't want to go that much shorter (her current bike is an iro with a 52 tt.

So what would you have done? will the overlap be a problem on the track? I feel like it never is in most cases, but this will be more overlap than usually and maybe could effect making quick moves.