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    Custom Fork Build

    Are there any bulders out there that might want to take on shortening this fork for me?

    Its an AMP Research F1. I can still get parts for it, and actually can get NOS Aluminum legs for it. They can leave the caps off of it (Caps show in the third image are fastened with super strength aluminum adhesive ((airplanes))so the arms can be shortened. The original fork in the first two images is the F1 (I own it) and it is chromoly. The third image is the F3 in aluminum which is what it could look like (I dont own that one). (4th image is just a close up of linkage)...

    I would be looking to shorten this fork from the 26" wheel size to a 20" wheel size. I can take more images of it if needed. I wouldnt mind leaving the fork chromoly. The forks taper in a tad as they go up so something might have to be done creatively with the dropouts.

    Any ideas or job takers are welcome to comment or email.
    There arent any frame builders around these parts that I know of (Omaha, Nebraska)

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    check the progress

    Phatatude... "Ride em till the wheels fall off! ... (or your jewels go numb ...)
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    Phatatude- Ride em' till the wheels fall off, or your jewels go numb...

    Come check the progress...

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