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    Custom Pegoretti Pista, what to do?

    Getting a Custom Pegoretti Track bike built referenced here My better-half green lights Custom Pegoretti Pista Purchase!!

    THere are several options for frame material which are Duende, Love #3 or Marcelo tubesets!

    Can anyone give me insight into which tubeset would be good for someone 6'5" coming in at 220 pounds?

    I want the high bottom bracket but I want it to be a little on the relaxed side geometry wise.

    Also, will be going to Europe to get fitted; well that isn't the only reason. What can I look forward to during this process?

    Further, is there anything I should do and ask during this entire undertaking. I want this bike to fit me like a glove and don't want to look over anything if possible.

    ALso like I stated in the thread above in SSFG, would would go nice with this frame and fork? I want a second forum to give me suggestions beyond the TARCK crowd's "TOM-FOOLERY".

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    Wow. You are one massive rider.

    Since you're going custom, you should consider perhaps getting the Big Leg Emma treatment. (Internal reinforcing struts.) That has a man of your size and commensurate power written all over it.

    With regards as to what to bolt to it, you can always go all Campy, though that would be expensive and nearly all the Campy parts are eclipsed in performance by others.

    The Dura Ace crankset, for example, is present on 80% of pro bikes for a reason (the other twenty percent are split between Sugino, Campy, and miscellaneous.)

    The Deda Pista stem and bars are very nice and highly recommended.

    Seatpost and saddle is, as always, a personal choice and what works for one is miserable for another, but if you do plan on riding this on the track you might want to consider a heavier, stouter saddle. I've seen SLR carbon saddles snapped by racers bouncing all over the place, but I don't think I'll ever damage my Selle San Marco Regal.

    Wheels...that's the trickiest of issues.

    Again, depending on what you want, there are dozens of directions. Campy Pista wheels aren't very good, though. They are murderously expensive, but they also weigh a ton, have tons of bearing drag, and aren't very aero for the price. Mavic Ellipses are also out, because they use a funny chainline and are nearly impossible to set up right.

    The finest hubs are, again, Dura Ace. Campy's are nice, but aren't as durable. If you were to have a set of 36H high-flange Dura Ace hubs laced up to some Ambrosio Nemesis rims, you'd basically have the strongest wheel on the planet.

    Again, though, tubular or clincher, that argument is 6-of-one-half-dozen-of-the-other these days, hand-made or machine made, box-section or super-aero. It all depends on what you plan on doing with the bike, the events you like to ride in and the track that you regularly ride on.
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