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    Sliding drops with disc/rack/fender mounts?

    I have been going through both the nova and paragon sites trying to find a suitable dropout.

    I have been unable to find any that:

    - Are horizontal or sliding vertical dropouts
    - Have mounts for disc
    - Have mounts for fender and racks
    - derailer hanger would be added bonus but not required.

    So I have a few options and was curious about the feedback.

    The frame I am doing this to is a Trek 520.

    1) Go with horizontal drops with the rack/fender mounts and have an iso disc mount welded onto my chainstay on the 520 frame. Not sure if the chainstay on this model bike would be up to the task?

    2) But one of paragons sliding dropouts and have the rack/fender mounts welded on after the fact by whoever I am going to retrofit my frame. Does this seem like a likely possibility? The paragons ones I am looking at are these:

    3) Other ones that I have found that meet all of this are these:
    But I am not sure if they are appropriate for a retro fit onto a trek 520.

    Thanks for your opinions.
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    3 out of 4 ain't bad. Perhaps they'll make a set with some extra eyelets for you if you ask nicely!

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