I currently have a front wheel drive recumbent that is very fast and comfortable. However when climbing, it's a bit slower due to weight. I am looking to build a Carbon fiber version this winter and am now sourcing parts. The "Silvio" recumbent I have can be viewed here.
(http://www.cruzbike.com/silvio.html )

As you can see by the picture at the link, the front of the bike is the rear triangle of a conventional road bike placed in the front. What I am looking for is a fork that could accommodate a rear cluster as shown. The front fork on this bike has a steering tube to pass through the head tube as well as a rear style dropout and hanger. I was looking at a Columbus Muscle Rear end kit as a possible solution, but I don't think it's seat tube coming off the wishbone could serve as a steering tube. Does anyone have any suggestions for this configuration?

If a conventional fork could be used, I would need to be able to attach a hanger to accommodate a rear derailleur. I would rather buy a fork instead of making my own in CF. they undergo tremendous force and are testing quite thoroughly! But if necessary I could get a fork crown and build my own.
What do you think?

Thanks for any help you can provide!