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Thread: free parts

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    free parts

    I've got a few parts to offer up here before they end up in the re-cycle bin. These parts are from bikes that suffered front end damage.

    Lugs are gone...

    A couple of mixte lugs (top head tube lug and strut for seat tube). Both the top tubes were slightly bent but it appears the lug is OK. If these were widely available I'd just toss them but since it seems to be hard to find mixte head lugs I thought maybe someone might want one.

    Second, a Centurion ProTour 15 frame. The fork has been re-used elsewhere so only the frame is available. It has creases in the top and down tube. It's just too nice a frameset to throw out, though, and I thought if someone was planning to add some couplings to a touring frame this would be a good donor frame for the effort. 57cm top tube ctc, 59cm seat tube ctc. This frame has 3 bottle cages, provisions for internal wiring, double eyelets, nice chrome.

    edit: BB is gone

    If anyone wants this stuff just PM me. You'll need to pay postage from 80301.
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    pm sent

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