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    Cinelli Lugs and Columbia Tubes?

    1) Is Cinelli/Columbus still selling lugs and tube sets?

    2) What Columbus tube was set against Reynolds 531? I'm sorry, but it has been a lot of years ... I can't even remember the name of the ultra light tubes they had with the internal ribs ...

    3) Is it possible to color caseharden the lugs, or would that be a "bad" thing?

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    Columbus sells tubing still, do you want to buy some ? I'm not a builder either.
    Cinelli has lugs, not so easy to buy and not used on many bikes the past decade.
    SL tubing is similar to 531. Both of which have gone obsolete. Not in the catalogues.
    Case hardening is irrelavent to lugs. SLX is not ultralight but it has ribs, it's gone too.
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    I assume you want color case hardening like

    on a gun frame. That would not be practical since it would have to be done after brazing and the temperature to case harden is hotter than the brazing temp. Coloring it before brazing would lose the color during the brazing process. You might be able to simulate the color case with bluing and browning solutions applied with q-tips. (I have done this to gun parts) but it would not be a very durable finish.

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