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    Dupont paint / Cinelli Laser

    Does anyone happen to know a Dupont or Imron color code that would best match a Cinelli Laser blue?

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    A) Imron is a product made by DuPont

    B) That's a weak blue on a gorgeous bike. I'd paint mine a little, um, ..brighter!

    C) Take your laptop to a DuPont supplier & show them the pictures, they can work from there.

    D) If you can find if the color is an auto color, then having the year & model, you can get the color in any automotive system.
    ie; 1981 Porsche 911 Targa Sky Blue ='s

    DuPont the color is 6X523
    Sikkens it's 3F421
    PPG it's 74392

    (these are not actual numbers for a Porshe Sky Blue, just examples for illustrative purposes.)

    If you have questions about refinishing your frame, don't hesitate to PM me.

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