I posted this in the Road Forum, but out of many views, apparently nobody had a clue, so I'll ask you builders.

I spent a few minutes the other evening thumbing through the Lynskey website, trying to figure out which of their models that I can't afford would be the best fit for me ...and as a follow up started thumbing around google for titanium frame builders. One of the first ones I came to was pride cycles, a company of 3 people that offers Ti frames (even custom) at much lower prices...and supposedly the main builder worked for Litespeed for years (this according to a snippet on the serotta forum) before leaving and eventually doing his own thing.

Anyway, I don't know why I'm even asking about this beyond pure curiosity, as I'm in no need of a new frame, and likely won't be for at least a few more years. It did pique my interest though, as I wasn't able to dig up any hits here on the forum, and thought I'd see if they're known to anyone at all.

They offer frames from road, touring, mountain etc....and apparently offer each in your choice of traditional geometry or that triple-triangle design that GT used to use, a design that I'm not drawn to, but interesting nonetheless.

I apologize if this is a repost, but as I said, I tried and failed to find any other references to these guys here. Oh, and here's the link. http://www.pridecyclesusa.com/index.html