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    Help touching up frame. Lemond Buenos Aires Ox Plat spine corrosion

    Hey guys. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, but here goes:

    I had my Lemond Buenos Aires listed on Ebay briefly until I took the bike to lbs to have it checked out for the sale. They found a minimal amount of bubbling on a couple of small areas in the steel. No compromising in the structural integrity in any way, but they recommended the areas be sanded with emery cloth to prevent damage down the road and said I was lucky I spotted it early on. I immediately took the auction down and sanded everything down and all the questionable areas are fine.

    My intentions were to find a matching silver paint, but I really like the way it looks- it has a nickel finish. So my question is: What should I use to protect the bare metal? Can you give me specific clear coat products or nail polish? Do I need to prime it first or use some type of rustoleum? I appreciate any input.

    Also, if anyone has experience with these half carbon steel frames (2004-2006 Zurich, buenos aires, Versailles, Maillot Jaune), can you let me know how this corrosion came about? It's all on the steel where the carbon and steel are joined (by marine grade epoxy?).

    What can I do to avoid this problem ?

    Can I put a protectant to seal the joint b/w carbon and steel so no sweat gets between?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    I am having the same thing happen on my 2004 Silver Buenos Aires. The paint was bubbling up around the bottom bracket. I decided to take the silver paint off the whole frame. I have it down to bare metal, and have found that the areas are the carbon fiber are showing the most corrosion. I'm going to sand all the corrosion off and clear the entire frame. At least with just a clear, I can monitor the corrosion.

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