I bought one of these Integrated head tube kits for steel frames from Nova quite a while back but never got around to using it but now I have a customer who wants to give it a try and i have a couple of questions. Lon from Nova said that the cups will have to be machined to accommodate the bearings however the instructions say that it has already been milled to a 45 degree angle which is what most integrated bearing systems are for the most part. Question, has anyone used one of these and will the appropriate headset drop right in or does it still have to be machined? The tool to cut these bearing cups is over $400 and isn't justifiable for one frame so does anyone out there have this tool and would they be willing to mill it for me if I need to do so? I don't have an integrated headset with me right now but this thing looks like a bearing would drop right in however I have been wrong before. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also, would a good machine shop have a tool that would do what this Park milling tool does or is it just a one of a kind tool?