I'm frankensteining an old trek 6000 Al frame (main goal is replacing the dropouts with paragon sliders) and it occured to me that I could replace the seatstays with CF (just for the f* of it). However, I really don't know what strength or spec I need. Does anyone know if the following looks appropriate? It would be used for commuting and maybe some cross.

OD      ID      Wall    Desc
.450"   .375"   .037"   SM4548U \ Roll Wrapped Uni
.575"   .500"   .037"   SM5760U \ Roll Wrapped Uni
Other choices also: http://www.carbonfibertubeshop.com/small%20tubing.html

Would unidirectional be preferable over cloth for this application? Just doing back of the envelope figures looking at modulus and tensile strength compared to some random Al seatstay tubes on Nova's site I think the above would work, but i'm pretty green

Thanks All,