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    1974 Mercian Vincitore - did two cross-US tours on it. The latest in 2004. Also have a 2005 Cinelli Super Corsa, full Campy Chorus, my dream bike.
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    2005 Cinelli Super Corsa top tube frame crack

    I'd like to get some insight on what I'm possibly dealing with here. I purchased the Cinelli in '05 with full Campy Chorus. Rides like a dream. I've babied this bike from the day I got it - no crashes, and it's only fallen over one time. Not to say I've not ridden it, I'd guestimate there's about 5k miles on it now. Last year I got seriously motivated and completed two double centuries on it as well, so it got loads of training miles last year.
    However, about three months ago, I noticed a small crack forming in the paint on the top of top tube, about 1" ahead of the seat lug - maybe 1/4" ahead of where the rear brake cable exits the frame. It started at the top of the tube and has gone around the circumference roughly 3/8 to 1/2" now.
    I'm continuing to ride it since I'm training for another DC in two months. The crack is maybe 1/8" longer from where it first appeared (I'd marked it with a Sharpie to track it)
    I'm 90% sure it's not just superficial - paint just doesn't crack like this.

    At this point, I'm just looking for some guidance. Send to a frame builder for a brazing touch up and repaint on the top tube?

    Cinelli says there's a 2-yr frame warranty, but I'm sure that applies more to the carbon stuff they make - there's got to be a bit more allowance for a steel frame with no signs of abuse. I can't strip the frame down right now since I need it to train for the DC (and a century in mid-Oct prior to it), so I figure I'll just keep riding until things get seriously out of hand.

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    sounds like it might be a defective tube. You're probably ok just to keep riding it, just track the progress of the crack

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