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Framebuilders Thinking about a custom frame? Lugged vs Fillet Brazed. Different Frame materials? Newvex or Pacenti Lugs? why get a custom Road, Mountain, or Track Frame? Got a question about framebuilding? Lets discuss framebuilding at it's finest.

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recomend a tig welder for welding frames

been looking at tigs. Miller inverter welders while nice and small and pricy, also have issues with blowing the occational board. some times three boards at once costing 900.00 dollars.

I was thinking that transformer miller tig would last longer. Yes its bigger and heavier, but at least last alot longer.

If you are using a tig, please tell us which model you are using and if you are really pleased with its welding capability and quality of welds.

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One thing that can be worth looking into is the amp draw. If you are in an industrial setting with a big panel, it won't mater. If you are working off a household draw, it can be. Inverters are great for amp challenged settings.

That aside, I would look at the anvil site. Don is a great welder, and would like to go to a Dynasty because it can do stuff no other welder will, but he needs to go to the 7000 dollar model for his business needs, and those needs are met by his current welder. I think describes his setp-up on his old site so you may need to do a cached search for that.

Another option is to see what you can do about the guarantee, I share you concern about inverters, though they do seem normally reliable. I would like to have a dynasty for play, but that means the guarantee for me would be a problem where a commercial shop might run in a week or month what I would do in a year. It might be a possible, or not, to see whether they can do anything about that. Probably not, but it seemed to me to be an unadressed problem.

I have a maxstar, and it hasn't given me a problem. I was after a dynasty, and I ended up with the maxstar sorta on a dare, I wish I had gone for the dynasty... When I am at the welding shop where I get gas, they often have a maxstar in for service. Of course, if people are using them off the shoulder as in the ads, in commercial settings, who knows how well they are cared for...
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I used to be "true blue" all the way and even made the pilgrimage to the holyland (Appleton WI.) one year. I really love the old transformer machines for steel TIG work, specially the Miller 250. I used to drive one WOT for several hours a day in the 90's

When my work went primarily to aluminum I started demanding more from the machines and started noticing problems. Many failures on early solid state machines from both red and blue. My supplier brought a small Thermal Dynamics inverter. The DC arc is a little "fuzzy" looking to me compared to the Miller which was always superior to the Lincoln IMHO(though Lincoln RULES for DC stick) but I really don't find that offensive, just different. The TD machine has touchy controls that are very small and difficult to use but the handling and durability have been outstanding. The older unit is actually a bit easier to tune and I use a miller PC-300 pulse attachment with no issues.

So I love the the TD inverter and many years go by, an aerosol can gets damaged and blows vaporized MEK into the vent of the welder WHILE I am welding and the machine ignites. 20" from my head it's blowing flames everywhere. I put out the fire, clean the machine and it works fine. I have since purchased another, a more current "multi tap" machine that works on any type of power. The only weird thing is it has only tweco type connectors (twist off) rather than threaded lugs and the switch is on the back (harder to reach when it's shooting flames)

If you are in New England you are welcome to stop by and give mine a whirl.
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FTW, do you know whether you can attach a pulse to an inverter unit? Mine doesn't have a pulse.
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long john
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tig is the rig

i have been welding for some tome now many industrial jobs building fire trucks from the ground up and sculpture that stands 50 feet or more . Tig mig stick tractor torch stainless steel core ten bronze aluminum bla bla bla and sold welders given tig demos at lincoln in albany. Go to local welding store check out blue or red and know that the max a welder says in the specs is at its max for all of nill duty cycle and if you are in the max zone you should move to the next up welder. Bike tubing can bee welded by most tig welders red or blue. both good products no mater what any body says. I have a hobart 600 amp stick, Lincoln 110 mig and a miller dynasty 300 all kick for what they are for. hobart is now miller. inverter is over kill for a 6 bike a year person but if you got $ or want to inverter. Small and good dynasty ac dc with high frec start wave setting penatration vs cleaning etc. happy to ans weld ?
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