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    practicing with stainless

    hey there, so i am doing a little practice with stainless tubing but have some questions. Im not sure if I still need some more practice or not but I cant get the silver to flow all the way on my sleaved joints. The tubes I have are fitted tubes, so i wasnt sure if that could be effecting the silver flow or not... I can get bronze to flow on cromo pretty easy and i know silver and stainless is harder, Im just trying to figure out if Im on the right track...

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    So it should be flux, heat or gap. Do you have the required flux? does it wet on the surface of the SS which would be a measure of heat and flux, can you make a fillet. And do you have a gap around 4 thou?

    There is also technique stuff, but if you are flowing bronze you presumably know how to draw the braze around and not work yourself into dead ends.

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