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    Metallurgy 6061 vs 7005?? Pros and Cons of these 2 Frames on sale Thanks

    Both Frames have TiG Weld Joints

    Access XCL 29er Mountain Frame Fully butted, 6061 aluminum frame,

    Performance 7005 Aluminum Mountain Frame

    I would like to know more about the 6061 and 7005 the Metallurgy?
    What are the Pros and Cons of the two.?

    I want to build up my first MTB. Slow upgrade parts I had in mind. Only will ride River off road trails with minor River rocks Bumps and some narrow Woods Flat Trails with minor bumps. No crazy ass big boulders or Dirt jumps.

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    7005 is a bit stronger, 6061 suffers a bit less from fatigue. You really just need to make sure the welds touch both pieces of metal in each of the joints and all the parts can be installed. They put lots of extra metal in those frames so it really is not an issue.

    go ebay/FOB china. Same frame, better savings. offer $20.00 + shipping. They sell them to Performance for around $8.00. If there is any issues, contact ebay and they will fix it quickly.
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    Re: metallurgy
    7000 series adds Zinc, to the alloy,
    7.4% in 7005 ... and, .45% Mn, 1.4% Mg, .13, & 0.04% Ti, and 0.14% Zirconium..

    6061 .. Si -.6. Cu -.28, Mg - 1.0%, Cr - .20%

    [Aluminum Association standards data]

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