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    Opinions about Serotta Classique and Lynskey Sportive


    Apologies if this isn't the right forum for this question.

    I'm in the process of looking at these two bikes (both built with Ultegra). I'm curious what people's general opinions about the companies, as well as the specific frames themselves may be. They ride similarly, the Classique is a tad more agressive, yet I feel I little taller in the saddle (if that make sense). The Sportive is plenty responsive, maybe less so through the corners, but may be more stable. But this could be me imagining things based off the descriptions I read and looks. Any help, advice, things to look for on another test ride, personal experiences with same bike or the company, stories, warnings, etc., would be greatly appreciated. Basically I'm struggling making up my mind between to great bikes and hoping for some info, even if it is only about the company that builds them. And, yes, I have spent time on the websites already looking.


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    Serotta and Lynskey are both bike gods. Between those guys, just pick one.

    We don't know what you are looking for or what would make you happy. We don't know how you ride or what makes you wet. We make our own bikes and talk about welding and aligning frames.

    My suggestion is to get over the shopping part of your adventure as quickly as you can. You won't know if you have made the right decision til you have 2000 miles on the bike.

    I go for stuff that makes me feel fast.. which bike made you want to ride fast?
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