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    Old friend returns to home

    I built a frame for a friend many years ago. Built it up and handed it off. Our lives diverged and now 30 years later we have reconnected. the bike has returned to my basement for flat bars and a tune up. I took some photos and posted then to my Flicker site. It was very cool to catch up with one of my bikes after so many miles. I have evolved in how I build frames, do braze ons and such since then. But I am happy with how it has stood the test of time and other mechanics... If it weren't for the massive use of reflective tape I'd apply my current decals and clear over all. As it was she didn't want to go that far. Andy.
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    Wow, nice work man! I had a frame that looked a lot like your work (to me anyway) though many differences exist also.

    IMG_4093 by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr

    I restore old Yeti frames after working there in the 80's.
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