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Thread: Pedal Clips???

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    Pedal Clips???

    Has anyone every made "clips".?

    I saw a pic of some made from tubing, not flat steel. The design was very curved, smooth and the it seemed like they were not meant to be used with staps, just a minimalist steel sculpture to help retain your feet.

    I am doing a build of an old Torpado and some thing like this would fit in with what I am looking for desiign wise.

    Any suggestions on type/size of tubing, bending techniques (ie just bend it or heat and bend) I am thinking a lot of what goes into bending for racks would apply.

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    might not make sense to use tubing. The clips I've seen have been very small, like 1/8" Bending that to a tight radius seems like a chore. I don't see benders on ebay in that size very much. There is a guy that makes clips and water bottle cages at shows so there are a ton of pictures of his tooling on internet picture sites. I'd look at that for ideas. Of course, his tooling is pretty robust so he can be repeatable. You don't necessarily have to have the same level of robustness.

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    Bruce Gordon has Half clips he made out if tube, they are in Ti, or SS.
    1/4"? the tube for brake hydraulics on cars is soft enough to bend easily
    I've used it as brake cable noodles directing around the seat post,
    for a cantilever brake bridge.

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