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    Schwinn Super Sport early 90s model???

    I found a bike for sale and I'm wondering if I should hold off and get a new one or buy this one. I've never ridden a road bike. Always a mountain biker but have wanted a road cycle for many years (I tire of looking at the behinds of those road packs as they blow by).

    Here's the ad:

    56 cm (22")
    Full Shimano 600 group
    Both wheels and both brake calipers are "quick release."
    Rear wheel upgrade (Rigida)
    Waveflo racing saddle.
    Paint is in great shape.
    Whole bike is 23 lbs.
    Ready to ride. I would not hesitate to do a tour on this bike.
    This is one of the "smooth ride" Columbus Tenax frames from (I'm
    speculating) the early 90's.
    Considering the weight and the components, this was easily a $1000+ bike
    when new.
    No rust. A few minor paint chips.


    Here's my dilema - Back in '94 I spent the money and bought a nice Trek mountain bike. I've used the hell out of it for 11 years now, never regretted the bike. I'm wondering if I should skip this bike and go to the Sub $700 thread and research getting a new road bike instead of dealing with a used one. What would you do?

    -Very nice forum by the way-

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    Sounds like a good deal. If it fits and the wheels are true, I'd jump at it.
    Bikes use brakes to stop.

    If your bike has breaks, don't ride it.

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