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    Well, all this new sunny weather (in Canada!) has got me yearning for biking again, as well as a new girlfriend who bikes too! So I need a new bike.

    I'm 5'8, 130 lbs, and I do drops as big as 5 feet (in Shore-style trails, singletrack), some smaller jumps, urban freeriding, singletrack, and aggressive XC. My budget is $2000 CDN at maximum. The bike must:

    - Be strong enough to handle everything above, while being pedal-friendly.
    - Have at least 120mm of front suspension. Hardtail or squishy doesn't matter too much.
    - Good brakes. I'll be going very fast. VERY.

    I don't mind building a bike up, but you'll have to suggest to me the parts because I have no clue on what parts to make it out of without going over budget.

    A couple of bikes I particularily like are the Norco Charger and the Norco Tactik (saw em at shop, but didn't test ride yet). But I don't know if the Charger will take the strain of my riding, or if the Tactik will pedal well enough.

    Thank you very much!

    *I hope this isn't in the wrong forum...could an admin move this to Mountain Biking?*
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