Well here they both are. We finally got an "official" logo for the Siouxland Trails Foundation, STF, & the final selection for this years ride t-shirt design has been made, (thank you to those that voted in the poll).

Let me explain what the STF logo represents & symbolizes. It will give everyone an understanding on how we came up with the design.

The arch, color of the word SIOUXLAND the word FOUNDATION, the color that borders the word foundation & the color of the word TRAILS represents the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Which crosses from Sioux City, Iowa into South Siou City Nebraska. There is multi-use path on the bridge which people use to walk, ride bike roller blade across it. It connects both the trail system in Sioux City & South Sioux City together. The bridge is a green colored suspension bridge. At night it is lite up with a purple/blue colored lights it is really beautiful, especially during a snow fall.

The wavy lines under the bridge in the design represents the Missouri River, which is the natural boundary between Iowa & Nebraska.

I would like any feedback or questions if anyone has any thing to say or ask.

So with out further ado, here they both are, the STF logo & the t-shirt design: