Hey everyone,

I'm looking into buying a new bike for myself before the summer. I currently own a hybrid bike that's too small for me and I'm looking to buy something faster that I can use on both daily commutes through the city as well as the occasional trail (mostly paved, a little bit of hard packed dirt trails).

I've tried my dad's old road bike and although the dropped handle bars take a little getting used to, I think I like the feel of them. So, I've been looking at road bikes and also cyclocross, but my selection is limited to my budget (max would be roughly $1100 CDN). Are cyclocross bikes worth the extra bit of cash if I'm heading onto well traveled dirt trails for a short period on my rides?

Also, I've just recently had some minor surgery 'down there' and it's still a little uncomfortable to sit on the bike seat of my dad's bike. Does anyone know whether there are specific saddle types or brands that I should look into to relieve some of the discomfort if it continues?

I'm in Toronto, ON, if anyone has suggestions as to good places to purchase a bike, it'd be greatly appreciated.