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    I will be going on some group rides in the early evening. In the event that we don't get back before sundown, I want to have a light available. Our rides will primarily be along roads where there is lighting. Even if I went for an early evening ride by myself, I would go where there were street lights.

    I am not an evening commuter and would not need a light for many hours. I want a light that is easily removable from my handlebars. I don't want a light on my bike (a Trek Pilot) unless I am going out early in the evening. Important is that I be seen by motorists.

    I am considering the Cateye HL-MC200 or the HL500II. Anyone know the difference?

    For the Tail light I am considering the Cateye LD500RC. I don't think I really need the 1000.

    In summary, what do you all think about a Cateye HL-MC200 or the HL500II and a LD500RC? Please feel free to give me other suggestions.
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