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    Where can I buy cheap Bike Parts? Used or New OKAY

    Hi All,

    I need to buy some parts for my 1997 GT Ricochet that I will be using for Commuting come August:

    1) Front and Rear fenders
    2) Road slicks (and narrow intertubes) for a 26" Rim
    3) Lizard Skin (for the chain stay)
    4) A bell for my handle bar (for those pedestrians in the way )

    Can anyone suggest any cheap place online to purchase the above?


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    Scooby Snax
    are you in the US? Canada, GB? Mexico?

    If you're in Canada, hell, the US dollar does well here, you can go to Mountain Equipment Co-Op, some times you can't beat their prices.
    But otherwise support your local bike shop, they need the business, and usually they are nice folk!

    Good luck!

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