During my vacation I rode the Vadalabene Bike Trail from Alton to Pere Marquette State Park and back.The trail runs along the Mississippi River so you have a nice view of the river on one side and nice bluffs on the other.I was kind of disappointed with the condition of the trail leaving Alton. The oil and chip was cracked and buckled and had lots of limbs.I just rode on the highway that runs parallel and the trail moves onto the highway anyway a few miles down.Basicly the emergency lane with 'bike path' markings.Smooth rolling.At the town of Grafton the trail detours right along the river.In fact some of the trail was covered in mud from when the river was flooded over it a few days earlier.Graftons a old town made into a tourist trap.Neat little place but the highways kind of narrow through town so the detour is a great view and a safety precaution.Back onto the highway a few miles and the trail goes into the woods.Its a twisting turning up and down trail thats a rollercoaster ride for bikes.I could of rode it back and forth for hours.Then into the park to rest in the shade,eat and fill the waterbottles.The ride back was a little better because you are right beside the river and you get a better look at the bluffs.About 40 miles round trip.****