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    Hi to all, the reason for my title is; I'm from Florida and my real name is Tony. I am a mountain biker and i'm a roadie. I never ever thought that this would ever happin to me. I have done some crazy things on my Intense, along ride for hours at a time with the road bike. I was in the top shape I ever could be in. Untill I was awaken in the hospital in Virgina, oh yes I moved there with the wife and 2 girls 12yrs,5yrs old, I was in a motorcycle chash , yes i had one too. My life has changed ever since I was told that I would never walk again, I broke my back @ t12-l1 and thank god that I didn't brake my nerve. or I wouldn't be able to type this. So now that is why I said "not being yourself lately " because it's hard walking by my bikes knowing that it will be time to sell them all. Maybe handcycling will be me new sport? I will never know. One day at a time.. to all my Florida friends(west palm beach) HI THERE
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    Wow, sorry to hear of your accident, but glad you're still around to pass on the experience. I'm beginning to think that motorcycles are BAD. Motorcycle speeds are just too high for being unprotected. Was yours an altercation with a cager, or a crotch-rocket single vehicle accident? The guy who bought my last house just recently killed himself when he took a freeway ramp too fast.

    On the bright side, handcycles are pretty cool. There's one handcyclist that rides around my suburban/rural area. I bet he could whup half the guys in my club.

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