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    Which parts need replacing first?

    Am getting somewhat seriously into riding again after at least 5 years off. By seriously I mean riding for fun and exercise, usually at night, around town. Used to go off road somewhat when younger but just not for me anymore.

    Anyway, my bike is now 13 years old, I like the fit of it and money is kind of tight now anyway so I'll be sticking with it, even though it was originally intended as a semi-hardcore mountain bike and I only ride on road now pretty much.

    Question is, which parts on a bike do you need to be most concerned about replacing with wear/time? Bike is 1992 Paramount PDG-50 fully rigid. Everything's original except the saddle and tires (just replaced old knobbies with Avocet CrossII 1.5s). Bike has pretty much full old Deore DX components, which were supposed to be pretty sturdy. Has Ritchey seatpost/stem/handlebars I believe. Still got the old Araya RM-17 rims, always seemed very sturdy to me. Original chain and everything. I've never been too much into fixing my bike so my knowledge is somewhat limited, although I'm interested in learning more.

    I would figure the chain would be a prime candidate for replacement, although doesn't seem to be slipping on the few rides I've taken it on recently. It even has original brakepads. What else would be a prime candidate for replacement on a bike this old (which has seem intermittent heavy use, although like I said, not for about 5 years). It's 21SPD btw, with thumbshifters.

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    Is there anything that is wearing out beyond servicable? like brake or shifter cables? brake pads? bottom bracket still nice and tight without play? how about the wheel hubs, bearings ok? head bearings ok? pedals ok? (I would be suspect of the pedals if they've had a hard life)

    If it's all OK then just ride and enjoy it, unless ofcourse you're getting the tinkering bug and are just looking for an excuse to go and fix something that aint broken ...not that there's anything wrong with that

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